What’s So Good About Inner City Living?

 Smart cars like the edition21 remain popular in inner city areas

inner city living
Until the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, most of the UK’s population lived in rural areas, with only 3% of people living in towns and cities. Today, it’s a very different picture, with more than 70% of us living in urban areas. We look at why people are drawn to them and why they love city living so much.

Inner City Renaissance

Over the last twenty years we have seen a rebirth of our city centres in the UK. They are no longer the shabby, threatening places they once were and instead offer a vibrant convenient lifestyle for single people, couples and families alike. According to Centre for Cities which provides independent research and policy analysis on UK city economics, cities account for just 9% of the UK’s landmass but offer 58% of the available jobs. It’s no wonder that so many people now see our cities as viable and attractive places to live. 


One of the main reasons our inner cities have become such popular places is because of the availability of contemporary, high-spec housing. Our industrial buildings were neglected after the decline of British manufacturing, but their value has recently been re-evaluated as part of our industrial heritage. Stylish apartments in former warehouses or factories appeal to a young market, desperate to take their first step on the property ladder, or those who simply wish to rent. New builds also offer urban dwellers amenities such as gyms or sports facilities which they may not otherwise be able to access.


Our cities flourished because of cohesive transport infrastructure, initially with roads and then canals and railways, but recently airports and tram systems have broadened the opportunity to travel to and within them. The ability to walk to and from work appeals to most people who live in a city and is one of the deciding factors for many who choose to do so. Driving, particularly with a larger car, can be problematical however, and many urbanites choose either not to drive at all or to opt for a smaller, greener vehicle. Parking can also prove tricky, and it’s for reasons like this why Smart cars like the edition21 are favourites amongst inner city dwellers.

Whether you like nightlife, live music, theatre, galleries or eating out, if you live in a city centre you are lucky enough to be able to entertain yourself every night of the week, should you choose to do so! Our city centres have expanded culturally over recent times, as well as offering enough shopping opportunities to delight even the most world-weary.

Green Spaces

Surprisingly, over half the land in our towns and cities is green space which is given over to parks, sports pitches and allotments etc. We know that as human beings, we are diminished by lack of contact with the natural world and the importance of parks and recreation has long been understood. Look around any city centre and you’ll see a surprising amount of greenery which increases with every year as more people become interested in the way in which our food is produced; even a window box on a high-rise balcony provides us with the contact that we need to maintain our humanity.



Source:  http://www.centreforcities.org/

Image:  freedigitalphotos.net nongpimmy


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