Welcoming Natural Elements into the Home Environment

Sometimes nature can be the perfect style statement to create an inviting and homely atmosphere. It reflects the beauty of the outdoors whilst adding a personal interpretation of style. From the vibrant tones of autumn to the neutral tones of winter, they all lend themselves perfectly to a comfortable environment and allow for the soft approach to interior design.


Walking around a home inspired by nature often evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation. The plush fabrics of sofas UK, the brightening impact of neutral colour palettes with the warmth of an oak floor make for truly luxurious interior design.


Fireplaces – fire is a naturally outdoor element. The heat, the roaring flames and the beautiful colours mean it truly is nature in its boldest form that makes for quite a special focal piece.

nature interior

Stone and Slate – the stark boldness of stone and slate are not typical materials found within the home yet they make a great, hardy fabric and summarise the strength of natural elements.


Wood – raw and natural materials like wood can drastically change the style of any room. With so many colours and finishes to choose from, you can always find a piece that suits the look you’re trying to create.


Glass – being able to eradicate the boundary between indoors and outdoors, floor to ceiling glass, large windows and small glimpses of surrounding landscapes remove the distinction between the two areas creating a feeling of light and space.


Zen environment


Our homes should be the perfect relief to the chaos and stress that is the result of the work, money and family worries that we all deal with. Nature is the very premise of tranquillity and incorporates colours, materials and sounds to overhaul the ambience of the house creating a calm and rejuvenating place to spend your time. The purpose of a Zen environment is to create positive energy, eradicating any negativity and making the home a generally happy place to be.

This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson.  Follow her on Twitter: @katht35





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