Types of Sprinkler Systems

There are multiple types of sprinkler systems and there may be one that works best for your property type of landscaping need. Since water is a necessary and vital element, we want to use just enough and be sparing and conscientious of our use. A well planned watering system can also help avoid over watering your garden or landscape.

A soaker hose is used mostly in gardens. They disperse water through their entire length and they work best with both individual plants and dense plants. The difference between soakers and regular hoses is the soakers only release water to the roots and not as much on to the plant. This can save water that tends to be wasted by sprinklers. You may need to pin down the hoses because they tend to coil up. It’s best to use them right on top of the soil so they can soak down.

Sprinkler system 1

Drop system irrigation is water-efficient and works on many different plants. Clay soils are difficult to water, but drip irrigation works since it is applied slowly. This allows the soil to absorb the water, like soaker hoses, but it uses less water than normal sprinklers. There are a handful of drip systems and they can be customized to each plants needs. “Point source” is a term used when regarding drip systems since water is fed directly to the base of the plants.

An automatic spray system is a pop-up sprinkler and is the most common. They can be adjusted to spray in certain parts of your landscape and work in circular motions. The downfall is they are not efficient and tend to waste water unless you have a lush area. It is important to use the same manufacturer or the measurement from head-to-head will be off and there may be surface area missed. Clay soil is not a good atmosphere if you have an automatic spray system since it cannot absorb the water as fast as it sprays.

Sprinkler system 2

Rotor system sprinklers are not as efficient soaker hoses and more efficient than automatic. They apply water at a slow rate and this allows the soil to absorb the moisture better. The surface area coverage can be changed on rotor systems as well as application patterns. Some of the options for rotor heads are Hunter, Rain Bird and K-Rain rotors. These all verify on what radius of coverage is needed.  The parts for rotor sprinklers are also easily accessible.

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