Picking the right security gates to protect a farm

The UK is a proud farming nation and is constantly bringing produce to market whether that be in the form of crops or livestock.

While there are many challenges that farmers face, such as long, dry summers or exceptionally wet and cold winters, there are some steps they can take to ensure that their property is secure. If you are working within this profession you will have no doubt scouted out what measures you can implement to reduce the amount of damage on your farm.

However, one sure-fire way to significantly improve safety is through the installation of durable and long-lasting security gates. This not only provides an upgrade to your existing security system but can also be a stylish addition which is inkeeping with the tone of your home.

So here are a selection of security gates that would be the perfect addition to your farm.

Cathedral gates

Due to the rural setting of farms, going with a material such as timber will not detract from the overall beauty of the area in which you have chosen to reside. Cathedral gates fromĀ Jacksons Security FencingĀ can be the ideal option for those of you wanting to create a grand entrance to the driveway up to your farm house.

Not only do they provide a certain level of security but they are able to give off a stylish aura. They can be made to your specific preference in terms of heights and width. They come with a galvanised steel frame clad with Jackcured softwood, helping to prevent any twisting or warping of the gate.

Cathedral gates are also fitted with heavy duty adjustable hinges which will make it pretty difficult for any would-be criminal to get onto your land.

Universal gates

Carrying on the timber theme, universal gates are your more traditional gates for use on farmland and are ideal to suit your needs. Normally coming in an overall height size of 1.27m these access points have an extra heavy top rail and have minimised space between slats to ensure that no foxes or badgers are able to sneak through.

Many gates come with a 25-year guarantee which will leave you with peace of mind when you are splashing out on these products. Due to the common nature of these gates they fit perfectly with a farmland surrounding and will look great for any visitors you have coming to your farm.

Estate gates

Those of you who aren’t the biggest fans of timber can of course plump for a metal option and steel estate gates can be just the ticket. These gates can be customised to suit your needs and are a great way of protecting your surrounding fields.

Should you choose these gates you will be able to keep a close eye on your livestock without any fear of them running off or escaping. As they are constructed with tubular rails they are given the same strength as a wrought iron gate and are an imposing sight to any would-be criminal looking to chance their arm.


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