How Shipping Containers Can Provide Refuge for the Homeless


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“Homelessness is always a housing problem,” said J. David Hulchanski, a professor from the Centre for Urban and Community Studies in University of Toronto.  Homelessness refers to the condition of certain families and individuals who live in public places either in shelter or in a public facility.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) views the issue of homelessness as a complex problem. It is not just mere lack of shelter. AIHW adds that there are two major factors that may lead to this problem.

1.     Structural

•             Unemployment

•             Poverty

•             Shortage of affordable housing

2.     Personal

•             Domestic violence

•             Discrimination

•             Sexual and physical abuse

•             Poor mental or physical health

•             Gambling

•             Alcohol and drug abuse

•             Family Disintegration

To provide assistance to homeless families in the country, the national government has created a wide range of social services. Homeless families may benefit from the following public services.

•             Health Services

•             Drug Rehabilitation Support

•             Community Services

•             Housing Support


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For hundreds of families who struggle with housing costs, housing assistance is available. This program is developed to help homeless families enjoy a better life. In order to create a suitable and affordable housing, shipping containers are currently being used nationwide as improvised dwellings.

Port containers can be modified in various ways for different purposes. Shipping and moving companies such as offers different sizes and designs of container products as well as customised services for container modifications.

A port container is highly regarded for its versatility and affordability. In fact, these containers have already been used by resourceful individuals in designing makeshift shelters. Because of its durability, high quality, and affordability, shipping containers are also used as the source materials for affordable housing projects.

As an alternative housing unit, shipping containers provide comfort and shelter for the homeless families. With just a fraction of a cost, these containers can be customised because they can always be readily modified. Many homebuilders and architects can attest that the containers used for housing are nearly indestructible. On top of that, the materials are resistant to moulds.

Whether you need a stand-alone unit or you want to expand more structures, shipping containers are the most practical choice when it comes to affordable and customised housing. Aside from the fact that is has a very low environmental impact, it is also the most durable housing materials that could last for several decades.

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