How do you enjoy your leather?

Is it okay to say that sinking into a leather sofa is often a completely sensuous experience? For some folk it’s the softness and suppleness of the touch against their skin. For others, probably when nobody is watching, it’s the chance to inhale deeply and take in that unique aroma (it could be called the in-home equivalent of that new car perfume). Many more simply admire the understated elegance yet attention-gaining prominence a leather sofa brings to any room.

Of course, more practical people will tell you of its toughness against the daily battles of family life. They’ll point out how it gradually ages with the gentle distinction of time well spent.

Creating your own picture of leather perfection

Wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to design your own individual creation to add exactly what you want to your home? With Multiyork leather sofas, this has become a stunning reality. Online, or in one of their stores, you can reach a series of fun decisions that culminates in their crafting of your personal dream sofa.

These choices start with a range of styles from the traditionally elegant to the stylishly modern. Then select the colour you prefer for your high quality leather hide covering – perhaps black, cream, chestnut, red cedar, or others. Plump for the size you want, then decide on the level of firmness and comfort in both your back and seat cushions. There’s a final choice of your preferred leg colour and your design work is done (although you can also decide to protect the surface and add some scatter cushions if you wish).

Final thought

There’s an unkind old saying that “home is the place you go when you’re fed up being nice to people”. Of course it’s not true, and with your new Multiyork leather sofa to relax into with a contended sigh, you can get on with being a joy to your friends and family!

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