Holiday Décor for Beach Cottage Style Homes

Keeping the beach vibe in your cottage style home year round can seem like a challenge. We have some great holiday décor ideas that will fit right into your  style summer home this winter. Not everyone leaves their beach home during the holidays, so here are some amazing integrated winter holiday décor ideas with nautical or beach flair.

10 Cottage Style Beach Ideas

sea side

Even the base of this wreath is beach inspired, it is a pool noodle used as the base and then fabric coverings made to look like a life preserver. The options with this idea really are endless, you can make it more nautical or beach looking, or add more holiday decorations to it for a more holiday vibe.

per gift

These ornaments can be DIY or store bought. Of course, making them yourself is more personalized and of course, less expensive.


If you live near the beach, or have a beach summer cottage design feel to your home, carrying that design element over to your Christmas tree style can make for a very elegant and warm looking tree. Collecting or making ornaments each year will fill out your tree nicely.


star fish

Some of your everyday beach decorations can easily be made into a Christmas, Chanukah, or Thanksgiving decoration with just some simple ribbons or bows.



These starfish and bows added to holiday candles can spruce up ordinary candles and make them cottage style holiday candles. The same type of look could easily be achieved with shells or other nautical type décor elements.

tree star


For many of us, holiday décor is all about DIY and art projects like this one. The nautical inspired tree design topped with a starfish on top is a simple yet elegant cottage style addition to any mantle or wall.

holi pick

The 12 days of Christmas can really be anything you like. Make one of these to fit perfectly in your cottage home.

christmas star


This DIY ornament can give you a host of different holiday ideas you can paint on starfish.

diy starr



The gingham bow on this small fishbowl gives a cottage style feel. You can choose to put sand, shells, or holiday items inside to make yours unique to your taste.

snad snow man


Who says you need snow to make a snow man? Holiday fun on the beach is making a sand snowman!


All photos credit from Pinterest.

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