Giving Up Gas Oven for an Electric Oven for Convenience? Read This


Our kitchens are a hub of many family activities – cooking, baking, entertaining friends and relatives, and others. If you love cooking (or eating), your oven is probably the most important appliance more than anything else. 


Many homeowners may wonder whether a gas oven or electric oven is better, or vice versa. In general, both have advantages and disadvantages depending on what and how you cook. 

Gas Oven Vs. Electric Oven

1. Cost

Initially, a gas oven is more expensive than an electric oven. It’s because you need a gas line for your gas oven to function, plus the installation can involve the help of an expert. Obviously, you have to pay for the labor. It even becomes more expensive if you don’t have a gas line installed.


When it comes to an electric oven, you just have to connect it, and you’re good to go. However, the price of gas versus electricity is lower. Over time, you will pay more for your utility bills than buying gas.

2. Heating Time

Before it reaches a certain temperature for cooking, an electric oven needs to heat the coil inside to distribute heat throughout the range. This means that you have to wait until the heat is sufficient.


On the other hand, the heat begins instantly when you light the flame on a gas oven. You can even adjust the temperature and size of the flame if you want to cook faster. However, the electric oven can hold its heat longer, allowing you to start and restart cooking despite the slower initial heat-up.

3. Cooking Evenness

There’s no doubt electric ovens win in this area. They use a powerful fan to move hot air around their chamber, resulting in evenly distributed cooking. See to it, though, to not overfill the oven so that air can move around the oven’s chamber.


Gravity can make the hot air rise and cool air fall. As a result, uneven heat distribution can occur in gas ovens, causing uneven cooking. Also, the bottom of the oven is warmer as the heat comes from its base. That’s why whatever is in your lower layer always cooks faster than the ones on top.

4. Convenience

Electric ovens are easier to use since they are equipped with a preheating indicator, which lights up to the temperature you set. Also, you only need an outlet if you want to move your electric oven, unlike a gas range that needs to be securely connected to a gas line.


However, when there’s a power outage, you can’t use your electric gas, but your gas oven still works. If you live in a place with more storms and blackouts, a gas stove may be a better option.

5. Safety 

There are always fire risks when you’re working with any heat or fire. With gas ovens, you can inhale fumes when there’s a leak or separation from the line, or worse, ignite your kitchen, leading to a home fire. 


Meanwhile, electrical failure and burns pose a threat to electric ovens, which often makes them safer. But the bad news is that some other factors or circumstances cause kitchen fires, too. These could be cooking with oil, multitasking, leaving the stove unattended, contact with a hot pan or stove, etc.

6. Cooking Style

Electric and gas ovens provide different types of heat that result in different food experiences. What’s good about gas ovens is that they give moister heat that helps prevent roasts and other certain dishes from drying out when heated. 


On the other hand, electric ovens give you a drier baking experience, which is excellent for adding crispness or crunchiness to your food, such as crispy cookies or french fries.    

The Verdict

Overall, it isn’t easy to choose the winner between an electric or gas oven. If you want to spend more now and save later, go for gas ovens. Depending on your budget and cooking plans, you can’t go wrong with either option. The most important thing is taking safety measures to prevent fire.


Did you know that cooking was the second leading cause of residential fire deaths in 2019 in the US? In other words, there’s still a risk of fire no matter what kind of oven you use. 


While it’s the last thing you want to happen, you need to have plans if a fire occurs in your kitchen. Make sure to get out of the house right away and contact your local fire department. Document the damage for future claims, and call a certified restoration company, such as PuroClean, to prevent further damage.


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