Cricket Rules

Wherever Cricket is played it is one of the most beloved sports and this includes nearly half of the world. In other words it is a huge sport.

For those who did not grow up with the game and did not learn the rules early, it can seem like a confusing game, with lots of complicated rules and no clear objectives. But with like every great game, the rules are clear and winning comes down to one team performed better than the other.

Cricket has a history back to the 1600s and today is played all around the world. There are several professional leagues and the biggest and most prestigious is the Cricket World Cup which pits the world’s best teams representing their prospective countries against each other in round robin tournaments. Cricket has become a very popular sport for betting because fans are so passionate about their teams. You can bet on cricket online at reputable online betting sites. For those interested in betting on Cricket matches, you can register here.

For the uninformed and uninitiated, you are missing out on a great game. So to help you understand things better, here are some general rules of Cricket.


What is the Object in Cricket?

Cricket is an exciting game that consists of two opposing teams who each try to outscore the other during the length of the game. The game has 3 variations called Test, One Day and Twenty 20. Each has its one length and the game must be completed within that timeframe.

Each team has 11 players whose roles vary. There are fielders, bowlers and wicket keepers on each team. Players can and do typically switch roles on the team.

How Do You Score in Cricket?

Each teams take turns batting and send players up to hit a ball with a special cricket bat. The other team is in the field with one opposing playing bowling the ball to betters and the rest of the team in the field. The team batting seeks to get as many individual runs as possible before they are bowled out

Scoring happens when a batsman makes contact with a ball and it goes into designated areas of the field and two batsman successfully run between two wickets. They can run as many times as they like before being put out. If a hit ball crosses over a boundary of the field and has bounced at least one time, the team will receive four runs. If it goes out of the field on the fly the team will receive 6 runs.

Additional runs are also scored if the bowler throws the ball too wide to a batsman. There are also runs awarded for a bye where no one touches the ball, but the two batsman run anyway realizing they can score, a leg bye where the ball hits the batsman’s body, and a no ball where the bowler steps over the front line of the wicket while bowling.

A player continues to bat as long as he is not put out by the opposing team. Each batter only gets one chance to bat. The best batsmen often score what is called a century or 100 runs while they bat. When three players are put out, the opposing side will bat. This continues until the end of play.

How Do You Win a Cricket Match?

The team that scores the most runs within the time limit of the contest will win the match.

Although the game is complicated, investing in understanding the game is worth it because you will discover an amazing game that is enjoyable and dramatic.

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