Bringing the Outdoors in – 3 Tips for a More Natural Home

Natural is the most everlasting and most beautiful trend for you home – it’s absolutely timeless, and home designers are always inspired by the influence of nature, weather, and natural materials on design. Here are five great tips for bringing the great outdoors into your home this season…


Look out for natural materials


 1 natural wood

Flooring from NCF Furniture Birmingham


If you’d like that natural look in your home, make sure you seek out home interiors and furnishings in materials such as wood and stone. These can come in a variety of forms, from simple but beautiful wooden flooring, to interesting driftwood sculptures. You might also want to look for furniture that incorporates other natural elements like water and fire – a small water feature will make a beautiful focal point in an open plan living room, and a small fireplace or a pretty selection of candles will add a warming touch to your bedroom.


Consider big windows


If you have a budget for remodelling your home, consider fitting large floor-to-ceiling windows in your dining or living area – this will let in plenty of natural light, which eliminated the need to drab fluorescent or yellow light. You might also consider screen patio doors, as these can be folded right back to leave an open space that leads out to your garden.


Encourage Yourself to Got Outdoors


1 wellies

Wellington Boots from Ptarmigan


If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a garden, it’s time to start encouraging yourself to go out and enjoy it. Treat yourself to a big vintage welsh dresser, and stock it high with cosy blankets, pretty rain macs, garden tools, lanterns, candles and wellington boots! If you’re stocked up like this you might feel the need to get outside no matter what the weather!

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