Be a Good Neighbour: Make Sure Your Elderly Neighbours Stay Warm This Coming Winter

Are you worried about your elderly neighbours? When the cold weather sets in, it’s important to revert back to traditional neighbourly values. While many neighbourhoods are full of strangers, you can make a difference by checking in on those who may be more vulnerable. The cold weather presents all sorts of problems for the older generation, so if you’d like to help, here are some things you can do that will make a huge difference.

good neighbor

Introduce Yourself First

If you’ve never been formally introduced, it’s time to go and meet your neighbours properly. Head on over and introduce yourself, and let them know you’ll be popping in every now and then to see if they need anything. It’s also useful to find out if they have people already coming around to take care of them. If you see a nurse, home carer, or meals on wheels, go and introduce yourself to them, too, and ask them if they think your help would be useful or if there is anything in particular you can do to help.

A Variety of Ways to Help the Elderly on Your Street

There are all sorts of things you can do, but you may be concerned about losing your own private time. While your time will be taken up somewhat, you will find it rewarding to be a great neighbour. If there is someone who isn’t getting enough support, it might be worth speaking to others in the neighbourhood to see if anyone else would like to help out as well. There are many ways you can all chip in; just taking on one small chore each week will make a big difference. The types of useful jobs that neighbours can do include:

  • Popping in to see if the neighbour wants anything from the shop when you go for your own purchases
  • Checking to make sure the milk, mail, and newspaper have been collected each morning
  • Checking in each evening to see if they’re okay
  • On cold days, checking in to see if they have everything they need to stay warm while in the home
  • Inviting the neighbour to your home or visiting them in their home once a week to chat, read a book, watch a show, or play a game
  • Checking in when storms or snowfall have been predicted to make sure they have everything they need in the home

Help Your Neighbours Stay Warm

One of the main problems the older generations face during winter is staying warm. The cost of heating often stops them from putting on the heat. You can help by making sure their home is insulated and by encouraging your neighbour to stay in one room and focus on keeping it warm. Supplying some extra hot meals, drinks, and some warm blankets will also help.

You may also want to encourage your neighbour to look for new propane suppliers to ensure that they’re getting a good deal. Staying warm during the winter is important for everyone, but it is especially important for the elderly. Go and visit your neighbour today, and start working to build a stronger community on your own street.


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