Art Deco-Inspired Bathrooms for the Design Fanatic

Art Deco-Inspired Bathrooms for the Design Fanatic

Thanks to big-name movies like The Great Gatsby and a resurgence in 1920s style on the catwalks, many people are opting to bring the decadent and indulgent style of the Art Deco movement into their homes, and most noticeably, into their bathrooms.

The Art Deco design movement was known for its luxury, its extravagance and its ‘wow’ factor, so it is little surprise that many people want to adopt the style and bring it into their bathrooms. With so many different facets to the look, and so many ways to achieve the iconic style, have compiled a list of basic tips and tricks to get your bathroom looking more Art Deco with a modern update.

Art Deco rooms should be elegant and glamorous without compromising on practicality and modernity. The key colours for the style are black, silver and chrome, which is fantastic for all those looking to replace their existing taps and faucets. Many of the most beautiful mixer taps for baths and basins are made from highly durable chrome, which never fails to look effortlessly glamorous. The trend also sees a lot of reflective surfaces being included; huge bathroom mirrors with extravagant silver borders, shiny surfaces and stainless steel shower enclosures are staple elements of the look.

There are not many patterns that fit with the Art Deco style unless they are geometric and bold. Stick with black and white and experiment with tiling patterns that don’t get too ornate or embellished; keep them simple and watch how the look comes together.

If searching for a brand new bathroom suite in order to create the foundations of the room’s interior, say goodbye to the gently curving edges of many modern suites, and instead welcome the strong, clear lines and sharp angles of the Art Deco theme. Marble is also a key material in the creation of an Art Deco theme; if you stretch your budget to just one luxury item, ensure it is a beautiful marble countertop with an ornate mirror flanked by two chrome or glass lamps above it.

If the budget will not stretch towards a brand-new bathroom suite, any existing plain white bathroom suite can be adapted to fit with the era and the style. Throw in a geometric wallpaper pattern, some reflective lamps or light fixtures, and elegant, ornate fixtures, and your room will look more Art Deco by the minute.

There are also some DIY tips that can be implemented to give a decadent edge to the room. The internet is full of tutorials on how to create a mirrored bath panel; perfect if you have a wonderful angular L-shaped bath that you want to give an Art Deco update. Choose smoked mirrors to prevent the look from being too distracting.

If monochrome is not entirely your thing but you still crave the glamour of the Art Deco era, opt for lacquered furniture, polished wood and pale colours like peach and mint green. The room will look like the dressing room for one of Hollywood’s biggest stars; classy, elegant and almost timeless.

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