Alternative ECO Home: Benefits of Living in an Underground Bunker

underground bunkers

A few years ago the idea of living underground may have sounded preposterous however, with the increasing threat to nature and the quickly depleting resources have led people to bring about innovation in their lifestyle by bring about a dramatic change in their homes. Today, more number of people are looking at eco friendly options to beautify their homes so that it does not only look aesthetically pleasing but also protects the environment. One such innovation in this area is the growing popularity of underground bunkers. Today, people are adding their own modern touch to this phenomenon to make it a viable option for everyday living. This idea has fast gained momentum and is now trending in several parts of the world. It will hardly be surprising if underground bunkers become the ‘in thing’ in the years to come.

When living in underground bunkers, you need not fear the lack of insulation as the natural properties of soil insulate your home without any use of electricity, thus saving a massive chunk of energy resources. The naturally occurring soil has properties that provide heating as well as cooling facilities that are of the highest quality.

There are several options when you wish to live in an underground home. Since naturally occurring land and land forms are abundant you can have your home carved inside of a hill. By just taking this one small step, you can save up to a whopping 85 % of energy resources. If you thought that underground homes do not provide sufficient lighting and are cold and wet, you must mull over the fact again. One of the greatest advantages of living in underground homes is the fresh, abundant and healthy supply of naturally occurring air and light. Your average buildings and apartments are home to extremely unhealthy air quality polluted with harmful chemicals whereas these underground homes provide one of the most pure supplies of air and light. Besides, the temperature in these structures is also controlled naturally. Therefore, you are bound to feel warm in a colder weather and vice versa.

Underground bunkers not just help save a humongous amount of money; they are also an excellent alternative for eco friendly living. The fact these homes make minimal use of wooden structures and depend mostly on concrete is one of the strongest reasons for change. If you put aside these noticeable changes that you are bound to experience by living in underground homes, there also other innumerable features that will compel you to change your mind. For starters, you will not have to spend a good amount of your money on paint jobs, both for the exteriors as well as the interiors. That alone will make a colossal difference. Besides, the maintenance of roofs and gutters will also be eliminated, thus saving you not only time but also money, not to mention the immense eco friendly benefits that it will reap.

With the natural rays of the sun streaming into your underground home and the soil and earth protecting your home and filtering out the harmful rays and maintaining the insulation, you will not require windows to be installed. Besides, a lush green patch of land will form the roof for your home, which will instantly eliminate the need to work on repairs and replacement of shingles and tiles. Besides, any kind of natural disasters will not cause any harm to these structures and your home will be safeguarded at all times. With the major benefits that this type of housing provides, it is likely to become the need of the hour with the increasing environmental woes.

Author’s bio:

Helene Diaz is a freelance writer and is also an interior designer. She is known for her quirky design ideas and designing underground bunkers is her latest muse. She firmly believes that it is important to take measures to protect the environment and all her designing efforts are directed to this cause.