A 94 year old invention is transforming Green Energy.

The latest quest of Elon Musk to line your roof with solar cells started at the beginning of April 2017. Indeed, Tesla has begun to take orders for their new green and renewable product: the “Solar Roof.” This ceiling 2.0 will transform your original roof into a proper solar energy converter.

Announced in March 2017, production began in January 2018 at their Giga factory 2 location, in Buffalo, New York. Future buyers had to pay an advance payment of 930 Euros, and the first installations are scheduled to be in place in the next fewmonths after the study of client’s installation reports.

Though the Solar Roof is more expensive than some basic solar panels, it also has some advantages. Indeed, Tesla promises you an “Infinite Tile Warranty,” but they also have a Power warranty of 30 years and finally, a warranty for “fluctuations and weather hazards.”
This innovation goes hand in hand with the Powerwall battery produced by Tesla. It is a self-powered home combined with solar energy and Powerwall to independently power your home day and night. During the day, solar panels may produce more energy than your home uses.

With the two combined, you can become fully autonomous in terms of energy generation and consume more energy without causing any harm to the environment.

The ultra-efficient new battery by John Goodenough

The solar panel technology was made possible thanks to an almost unknown inventor called John Goodenough, who is the man responsible for the lithium-ion battery.  Undeniably, a 94-year old inventor came up with a brand-new lithium battery that is three times more powerful than its predecessors. Who says that innovation can only come from the young generation?


Goodenough’s new “super” batteries have some pretty impressive specs. They have the following attributes:

– Super-fast charging: Full recharge in 10/15 minutes.
– Handle extreme temperatures: From -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.
– Have a capacity of at least 1,200 charge-discharge cycles which is more than the double its predecessors.
– Get rid of dendrites during the charge-discharge cycle. Dendrites are microscopic lithium fibers that accumulate and cause batteries to overheat and sometimes catch fire.

A huge improvement for technology

John Goodenough and his team are not finished with their improvement to the battery yet and are constantly working hard on making further innovations. This innovation will push the technology further because it will reduce or completely suppress all negative battery capability issues.

The new battery could improve basic devices like laptops, phones, and tablets, by allowing them last longer without the need to recharge. The major improvements will appear in the energy or transportation sector.

Of course, this technology could have huge benefits for TESLA, Inc. John Goodenough’s invention could further improve the duration of use and the speed of Tesla cars in the foreseeable future.

Another sector that will be affected by this innovation is the “clean and renewable” energy sector. For instance, it will allow a lot more energy to be storedin “in-house battery” for solar panel users.


What else is going on in the Energy Space?


According to Dispatch Weekly, UK is really embracing Green Energy in 2018. Companies such as; Octopus Energy has been named 2018 uSwitch Energy Supplier of the Year and has placed itself firmly within the energy market, operating as a virtually integrated utility.


Octopus Energy will offer you £50 credit on your bill if you switch to their green energy using a referral code clicking on the Octopus Energy code link.


Finally, Goodenough and Maria Helena Braga continue to advance their battery-related research and are working on several patents. This new battery could literally change a lot of things in our current way of life and possibly help fight global warming.


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